Round 11 wrap up - big scores, long bowling stints and a miracle
Date of Event : Mon Feb 5, 2018 10:14PM

1st XI have a win, 2nd XI lose in another hard fought battle and 3rd XI win the miracle on synthetic... the round 11 seniors wrap.

Two day cricket finally returned without any rain or heat interruptions as the 1st XI travelled to Ashburton. Batting first on day 1 the team posted 258 as skipper Rees Thomas brought up a well made 108 at the top of the order. He was ably supported by Craig Don Paul making 41 and Gus Patti with a late 33*. After rolling Ashburton for 78 the Sunday before this was a real chance for the 1s to stamp their mark. Day 2 saw Mick Ware, Gus and Jack Conroy all take 3 wickets each as the team rolled Ashburton for 104. With a lead of 154 we sent them back in, however, Ashburton ended on 2/31 and the 1s had to settle for first innings points.

The 2nd XI returned home to take on 3rd place East Doncaster. Batting first on 35 degrees on Day 1 the team posted 180. Jackson D'Angelo at the top of the order hit 42 and was ably supported by Balpreet who made 37 and John Raymond 28*. Day 2 would see a real battle on the Johnson Oval. Chief destroyer Samuel Nikcevich took 6/44  from 25 overs and when they were 8/123 it looked like the 2s could be home. However it wasn't to be as East Doncaster passed the score 8 down in the 76th over.

The 3rd were back on the soccer oval as club greats Mark Murray and Steve Ware answered the call to help out the young battling side. Sent in to bowl in what would have been 45 degree heat on the synthetic oval, Steve Ware showed real heart in a spell of 21 straight overs and 26 for the day. Wickets were shared by Steve and Matthew Czarnota-Bojarski. In what was a long day for the young side they let Blackburn North United post 6/373. To win would require the 2nd highest run chase ever at the club, a miracle and true Mazenod spirit. During the week talk was all about how much we will lose by, try to play till tea and avoid an outright loss and sportsbet had the team at 1000-1.

Day 2 saw Max O'Driscoll and Luke Byrnes open the batting and set a solid start of 1/29 of 10 overs. We roll forward to over 23 and at 3/78 Muz ans Seagull would be united at the crease. The instruction from skipper Rahul Sharma was be there at tea and let's see what happens. At tea we were 3/158 and still needing 216 runs off 220 balls, however, when asked what the situation was the skipper said "there's a bloody pulse!" After tea Muz and Steve settled in as the runs flowed...Muz passed 50, Steve passed 50 and the message went out to past players this could be something big. Muz passed 100, Steve passed 100 and still the team needed 6 an over. Finally Muz was dismissed with the team still needing 47 runs in 48 balls. Steve was dismissed, Connor Cheney came and went so did the skipper and Winthur Fernandez. It was left to Cheese and James Mather needing 8 off the final over. Leg bye, single and 3 dots had the situation after 143.5 overs it came down to 6 runs off the final ball. By now the 2s were all watching and Tim Bourbon commentating. As the ball was about to be bowled Bourbs said "c'mon goose over cow." Ball was released, Goose went on one knee and middled it and before it went over the boundary the skipper ran to embrace the match winner. What followed is usually reserved for premiership sides but the song was sung loud and proud. The miracle at Mazenod was complete.

The 1st XI remain 2nd, the 2nd XI are 4th and the 3rd XI jump to 5th. Oh yeah miracles do happen and there is a pulse!!!

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