Round 2 summary from the coach
Date of Event : Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:53PM

Really good day for the club yesterday, obviously the ones had a convincing victory & the twos were able to salute in Quinny’s 200th


The threes were competitive & will continue to get better as we get players back & as the young blokes continue to improve!!!!


Selection this week will once again be difficult with a few players unavailable due to a variety of reasons 


I would like to thank Ivan Britto & Jason Brown for helping out the numbers in the twos & we hope that you guys can continue to assist us in the future.


Just to clarify how we go about selection the ones are picked on the basis of best side available, taking into consideration training, performance & experience. 


The twos selection requires a degree of training and effort particularly for young guys in the early stages of their careers - we will continue to pick senior experienced guys around these kids to assist Dobsy’s with their growth as players.


The thirds will be a combo of kids & senior fellas so that we are competitive & provide an enjoyable environment for all members.


If you have any questions about selection please man up & ask either your captain or myself.


If some of you “older” blokes are available tis Saturday please let me know as we will be searching for numbers !!!


Go nodders


Last updated: Sunday October 22, 2017 11:00PM