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Batting Partnerships

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1123 Matthew Quinn - Hayden Emerson Mazenod Cricket ClubD Synthetic (Merrell Shield)6 1 Richmond Union
2130 Neil D'souza - Jonty Just Mazenod Cricket ClubUnder 15 T20 Challenge Cup - East Div1 1 Oakleigh
394 Harrish Kannan - Aden Higgins Mazenod Cricket ClubUnder 15A (turf) Sunday - Iain Giles Shield3 1 Mt Waverley Viccars
486 Tom Burton - Michael Waugh Mazenod Cricket ClubC Turf (Thomson Shield)6 1 Marcellin OC
597 Michael Waugh - Michael Hancock Mazenod Cricket ClubC Turf (Thomson Shield)1 1 Boronia
6149 Brendan Wales - Michael Ware Mazenod Cricket ClubE Turf (Cohen Shield)3 1 Deepdene Bears
746 Thomas Newstead - Harrison Stanhope Mazenod Cricket ClubD Synthetic (Merrell Shield)4 1 Richmond Union
849 Brendan Wales - Brad Jago Mazenod Cricket ClubD Synthetic (Merrell Shield)1 1 Northcote United
930 Brad Jago - scott antidormi Mazenod Cricket ClubD Synthetic (Merrell Shield)3 1 Northcote United
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