Season Statistics

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  • Season win/loss record
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    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 11412011086%
    ECA:C Turf (Thomson Shield)1611131075%
    ISEC:Under 15 T20 Challenge Cup - East Div43001075%
    ECA:E Synthetic (Carr Shield)139013069%
    FTGDCA:Under 1332001067%
    ISEC:Under 17 Sunday - Robert Ary Shield95013056%
    ECA:E Turf (Cohen Shield)137024054%
    ECA:Veterans Division 3 (MGH Fielden Shield)84013050%
    FTGDCA:Under 13 Div 2147034050%
    ISEC:Under 15A (turf) Sunday - Iain Giles Shield104033040%
    FTGDCA:Under 16 Div 2114016036%
    ECA:Kookaburra T20 Cup (
    ECA:D Synthetic (Merrell Shield)123027025%
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 1102017020%
    ECA:Veterans Division 5 (J Edgar Shield)71015014%
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 21000100%
    ISEC:Under 18 T20 Challenge Plate4000400%
    FTGDCA:Under 13 Div 2       

    Season batting statistics
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 120705636.963995.190711
    ECA:C Turf (Thomson Shield)25589128.117353.4831215
    ISEC:Under 15 T20 Challenge Cup - East Div6841352.62769.00131
    ECA:E Synthetic (Carr Shield)22657131.904914.6141010
    FTGDCA:Under 13270738.57604.50003
    ISEC:Under 17 Sunday - Robert Ary Shield10325419.112244.590411
    ECA:E Turf (Cohen Shield)16187421.864813.362210
    ECA:Veterans Division 3 (MGH Fielden Shield)10304423.412015.12006
    FTGDCA:Under 13 Div 210324821.502164.78007
    ISEC:Under 15A (turf) Sunday - Iain Giles Shield15025726.353584.20098
    FTGDCA:Under 16 Div 212335422.832894.27135
    ECA:Kookaburra T20 Cup (   
    ECA:D Synthetic (Merrell Shield)21669423.045274.112910
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 110907314.932434.490010
    ECA:Veterans Division 5 (J Edgar Shield)10024621.782074.84007
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 294423.50253.76001
    ISEC:Under 18 T20 Challenge Plate99109.90166.06   
    FTGDCA:Under 13 Div 200      

    Season bowling statistics
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 1103134413.053743.590
    ECA:C Turf (Thomson Shield)135185813.767342.531
    ISEC:Under 15 T20 Challenge Cup - East Div2650919.58806.360
    ECA:E Synthetic (Carr Shield)118217018.396053.581
    FTGDCA:Under 132125011.90604.170
    ISEC:Under 17 Sunday - Robert Ary Shield54101318.762573.930
    ECA:E Turf (Cohen Shield)94152716.245053.023
    ECA:Veterans Division 3 (MGH Fielden Shield)3998625.281845.360
    FTGDCA:Under 13 Div 26895414.032104.530
    ISEC:Under 15A (turf) Sunday - Iain Giles Shield71109915.483173.471
    FTGDCA:Under 16 Div 251119823.492514.770
    ECA:Kookaburra T20 Cup ( 
    ECA:D Synthetic (Merrell Shield)81215926.655284.091
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 153139526.322485.620
    ECA:Veterans Division 5 (J Edgar Shield)43113726.442055.550
    FTGDCA:Under 14 Div 279914.14253.960
    ISEC:Under 18 T20 Challenge Plate2299149.502014.95 
    FTGDCA:Under 13 Div 200 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team